Storefront Enclosure: protecting the top brand stores during renovation is what All-Safe, LLC. does best!

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Storefront Enclosure

If you ever walked down Fifth avenue or Broadway, or any other major fashion street in New York, London, Milan, Paris or Tokyo, you saw more than once the huge flat walls, often three or four stories high, covered with exquisite brand design graphics, photos and brand-font texts, promising you that the new store is opening soon, or that a grand new fashion collection is about to arrive in style. You can't see anything behind those decorated walls, they are unshakable and impenetrable, and they protect their secrets well.

Those suspense-building walls are called "storefront enclosures" and we, All-Safe, LLC, are the guys who build them. It may look like the main purpose of a storefront enclosure is to keep your guessing what's coming to the store. That's definitely a part of it, but it's not the only job a storefront enclosure gets to do.

In reality, we build a storefront enclosure every time a new store opens in a build or an existing store undergoes a renovation, as part of the specific overall temporary construction solution whose job is to provide safety for the workers who do the building and renovation and, even more importantly, for any rubbernecking or busy pedestrian who ever passes the new or renovated store. Naturally, the storefront enclosure also protects the glass of the store being renovated.

You shouldn't mistake temporary construction storefront enclosures for the glass security storefront enclosures. These two are quite different from one another. The glass security storefront enclosures are those low-profile metal "nets" that any small store owner rolls up before opening the shop in the morning and rolls down after every hard days work. That kind of a storefront enclosure simply protects the glass just in case some silly person decides to throw rocks in it. You can see thought that kind of storefront enclosure. The storefront enclosures used in the temporary construction are solid walls, and those are the ones we build.

So, if you need a storefront enclosure of the latter kind, you came to the right place. Call us: 718-38-9400.

On the other hand, if you plan on ontaining any other kind of temorary construction service, it so happens that we provide them, too: Work Platform NY, Sidewalk Bridge NY, Shoring NY, Scaffolding NYC, Personnel Hoist, Hoist US, Hanging Scaffold and Construction Hoist NY

Please take a look below at the photographs of some of the examples of our storefront enclosure projects.

Storefront Enclosure 1

Storefront Enclosure Project: 20 feet high x 6p feet long storefront enclosure for Hollister, required a sidewalk bridge and a scaffold for this custom plywood enclosure – has aperture for large ducting, coiling overhead door and adder hatch – specialized tioes through storefront glass panels.

Storefront Enclosure 2

Storfefront Enclosure 3

60 feet high storefront enclosure for Gucci at Trump Tower – tied at the base and top.

Storefront Enclosure 4

Storefront Enclosure 5

Storefront Enclosure 6

Storefront Enclosure 7

Storefront Enclosure 8

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